About Us!

In memoriam

Morris D. Gustavus 1956-2011
Owner of Gustavus Pest Control

About us

We are Gustavus Pest Control Services, a newly formed company with old family traditions and

In 1983 Morris “Bogy” Gustavus set out to provide the Bryan/College Station area with quality pest
control and the desire to provide it with outstanding customer service and expertise.

Morris’ dedication and determination allowed Gustavus Pest Control to thrive as a family owned and
operated business 28 years until his death in 2011. Morris often credited his success to his expert team;
nephew, Gerry Carter and son, Don Gustavus, both long time employees, who also shared that vision of
exceptional service.

It is in that spirit, along with our family’s desire to continue to honor Morris’ legacy that in 2012 we have
created Gustavus Pest Control Services. The same vision, quality and service our customers have come
to know and expect with the Gustavus name.

We thank you for the opportunity.

Gerry and Pam Carter      Don Gustavus     Melissa Gustavus